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Armory is a metal band that hails from Townsend, Massachusetts USA and was formed in the summer of 2001 by Chad Fisher and Joe Kurland. Heavily influenced by European-style power metal along with 80's traditional heavy metal, the band set out to create metal music that was powerful, yet melodic, and memorable, yet progressive. After several months of intense composing together, ten songs emerged that would become Armory's debut album. While the drums were recorded by Joe and the guitars by Chad and Joe, other key elements of the band were missing. The incredible voice of Adam Kurland (Joe's younger brother) was called upon to deliver the needed power, emotion, and tone. Thomas Preziosi also joined the ranks on bass, offering a classic Steve Harris-influenced style. Ironically, all of these members were close friends in the same high school with the same heavy metal passion prior to the formation of the band. The lyrics combine philosophical topics with epic fantasy ingredients and were mostly written by Adam Kurland and Jason Kurland (the eldest Kurland brother). The composing, recording, and mixing took three years to perfect because the songs were meticulously revised and constantly re-recorded and the members had been extremely busy while trying to balance the band with school. In 2004 they finally released their full-length debut album, entitled " The Dawn Of Enlightenment ". Although the album was well received, it was not highly promoted. There were a few things that were keeping the album from being recognized more seriously in the metal community; namely the sound quality and overall album packaging were not as professional as the band had intended.

Armory decided to take things to the next level by re-recording their entire debut album professionally with local producer/engineer Peter Rutcho. They did this in order to have sound quality on the same level as any leader of the genre and to finally bring justice to the already professional composing and playing that was present on the original recording. They took the opportunity to revise the songs one last time and completely rework the vocal melodies. Also, unlike the programmed keyboards on the original recording, the keyboards on the re-recording were now real; performed by none other than Peter Rutcho. With his many talents and increased interest in the music, Armory decided to recruit Peter as their official keyboardist. The band also hooked up with Steve Goad, a Texas-based artist who produced the incredible new album artwork. The re-recording of " The Dawn Of Enlightenment " was released on December 28, 2007. The album consists of ten original songs (revised versions of same songs on the 2004 recording); including a majestic intro, a triumphant ballad, an ass-kicking instrumental, and a classic epic. In addition there are two bonus tracks which were recorded at the same time as the re-recording (covers of Iron Maiden's "Flight Of Icarus" and the first stage in Dr. Wily's level from the Nintendo game Mega Man 2). Overall, the album contains seventy minutes of passionately crafted melodic power metal. Although the drums on the re-recording were again played by Joe Kurland, the band needed to find another drummer so that their live performance would include two guitarists and have a more preferable sound. To complete the band lineup, Armory offered Tom Vieira, a long-time friend of the band members, the chance to play drums for them live. Once the lineup was complete, Armory began playing live locally as a six-piece. The crowd response so far has been unbelievable.


Two things dominated this time in the band's history: the promotion of their debut album, " The Dawn Of Enlightenment " and the composing/recording of their second album, "Empyrean Realms". " The Dawn Of Enlightenment " was given glowing reviews by well over one hundred metal webzines and some prominent metal magazines, featured on dozens of radio stations, and distributed to numerous metal stores worldwide. The band has also done several interviews and shows to promote their debut album. Behind the scenes, Armory had been scrupulously composing and perfecting the material for a second album for several years. The band is currently in the studio, completely immersed in the recording process. Their second album will contain nine original songs, each showcasing how much their sound and talent has grown in such a short time. Compared to their critically acclaimed debut album, " The Dawn Of Enlightenment ", "Empyrean Realms" has more dynamic composing and arranging, with more colorful melodies, head-banging riffs, and progressive elements. The lyrics are also more articulate, centering on the themes of metaphysics, cosmology, and the power of human will. The imagistic cover artwork, produced by England's Gary Tonge, enhances the cosmic scope of the album. "Empyrean Realms" will again be engineered by the band themselves and take place at Mystic Star Studio, based in Townsend, Massachusetts. The expected release date is mid-to-late 2010. In addition, Armory will also appear on two official tribute albums, due early 2010. A cover of the song "Where The Rain Grows" will be featured on "HelloRay - A tribute to Helloween & Gamma Ray", to be released through Epicus Records. A cover of the song "Love Is Pain" will be featured on "By The Gods: A Noble Tribute To Virgin Steele. For pure enjoyment, the band also has simultaneously been recording a cover of the song "Thundersteel" by Riot and the battle theme music from the Super Nintendo game Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Armory would like to thank all the people who have supported them and their music, especially fans like you! LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL!