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Everything begins in the music school "Campo de Montiel" Villanueva de los Infantes, where John, Michael and Cherra, Gustavo pupils all are known.

In the Easter of 2006 Gustavo decides to Audion, and Jara, former drummer of The Footprint made us a hand. After several attempts at the music school, the idea to a group. John, who also comes from the road, proposed to his former colleagues Jara and Paco for the drums and bass respectively. Alberto Cherra proposed to handle the keys, they are known since childhood and have played together more than once. So Ataraxia born in early June 2006 and gave his first concert as such in Santa Cruz for his first training Cannabis (Jara, Paco, Juan, Miguel and Cherra). From that day he joined Alberto. We were six and was the voice problem. Miguel proposes a friend to the voice ... but his friend does not seem very willing to cooperate, as accepted but never gets to step on the rehearsal ... But all was not lost, because once again John and his Orchestra Victoria influences on us out of trouble. We get in touch with Juanra, lead singer of several orchestras, she does not hesitate to jump on the boat, and half an hour after the call is already rehearsing. Carmen arrives a few days later, the other lead singer Ataraxia the feminine touch, which later leave the band in 2007.

Since early July we met, and after a month of intense rehearsals, Ataraxia get our first team and our first concerts throughout the year led us to various locations in Ciudad Real, and Albaladejo, Villahermosa, Almedina, Santa Cruz Cannabis, Villamanrique, Puebla de Principe, Villanueva de los Infantes, Torre de Juan Abad, Valdepeñas, Santa Cruz de Mudela .... After finishing our little tour, we started writing our first songs. In April 2007 we recorded the first demo in Aeroplane Ataraxia Studios in Coldstream.

In the summer of 2007 Julia joined the group on vocals, and repeat dates in most of the aforementioned locations, with special importance of Villanueva de los Infantes, where we had the great honor of Medina Azahara heels. In September our model is selected "model of the month" in and some radio issues are cast in Castilla La Mancha.

In the early summer of 2008 Michael left the group to devote himself to his other band "Mental Bisection." In August we were finalists in the "Halloween Festival in Coldstream, unable to participate in the final because we had to give an instrumental concert Juanra left the group because a few days earlier. After recovering from the low in November Aeroplane return to the studio to begin recording our second demo, where the lineup changes and musical evolution remain latent. This would see the light in January 2009, recently allowed to become finalists in the Local Blast! 4

From March 2009 until the summer starts now we have several concerts in Madrid, Ciudad Real and Barcelona, and we're writing our next demo will soon begin to mature in the new headquarters of Aeroplane Studies. See you on stage this summer!