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In July/August BAD SISTER is back in the studio again for the second album „ Out Of The Business “. Birger Holm is producing the tracks again and BAD SISTER
co-producer, a new experience for the band members. Special guest on „ Out Of The Business “ is Germany’s popular rock-guitarist Alex Conti (Lake, Atlantis).

D SISTER started the „ Out Of The Business “-Tour 1992. In February the band supports Detroit rocklegend Mitch Ryder. BAD SISTER performs at "Wacken Open Air" for the first time - and again in 1995 and 1996. But the band approaches a crisis: Singer Petra wants to go her own musical way.„ Out Of The Business “ is distributed in Japan and a lot of BAD SISTER-CD’s are sold in the land of the rising sun. Very positive reviews of the japanese AOR-scene are following.

Suzie Lohmar, a powerful rock-shouter from Kiel, is the new lead singer. BAD SISTER is playing a lot of gigs, from North to South. In 1996 the breakup of the band. But there is something yet to come ...

2002 is the year of a new start of BAD SISTER. Because the band has got a lot of positive reviews after launching the website in October, the members decide to come together again. Point Music re-releases the CD " Heartbreaker ".

BAD SISTER releases the CD " Live " - a great recording of an appearance at the "Traumfabrik“ in Kiel. In the studio of drummer Kai-Ove Kessler the tracks are remastered. Live on stage the group shows its best, the CD „BAD SISTER Live “ supplies evidence. The band got reviews in AOR- and Hard Rock-Magazines all over the world.

The band is writing songs for the new album – Hardrock, AOR and Classic Rock Ballads. The songs are recorded at the Stördeich-studio of keyboarder Kai Beyer. BAD SISTER decides for the album name “ Because Rust Never Sleeps ” – according to the great Neil Young.

Former lead singer Suzie Lohmar is again the new voice of BAD SISTER. A lot of work is waiting for the band...