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Balrog was born in spring 2003 when the two guitarists Andrea Tibiletti and Stefano Luoni met Tommaso ‘Tommy’ Colombo in the area of Varese (Italy). The three guys found a common passion for Metallica and started playing some covers of their San Francisco idols, together with the bassist Andrea Bossi. A couple of months later, the singer Corrado Capettini completed the line-up and NoRemorse (former name of Balrog) began working harder.

The first original song, called ‘The News Begin’, came at the end of the year, when the band monicker had been already changed in Balrog. With their first work, the five guys were able to take part in ‘The Battle Of The Metal Bands’, the contest arranged by Metal Hammer, which let the band have an important visibility. They also started a pretty intense live activityBalrog (ITA), playing gigs with several local bands, such as Skylark, Hyades, Bejelit, Stigma, Longobardeath.

After a very long recording time, the first record, simply called ' Demo 2005', was released in august of the same year, collecting some good reviews by the specialized press. Unfortunately the promotion of this work didn't proceed as expected and Balrog had a great stop when Corrado left the band at the beginning of 2006, due to musical divergences. He was soon replaced by Roberto Pavesi, a very talented and experienced guy, former singer for several other local metal acts.

In may 2006 the band recorded a metal version, arranged by Stefano, of the French national hymn, "La Marseillaise"Balrog (ITA), which was put in a compilation released for the 30th anniversary of Rugby Club Varese. This also included the chance to play at the anniversary party, facing a crowd of 2000 people at least. In the month of October Balrog was the headliner act at 10th Ottombre Fest, leading an awesome show in front of more than 2500 bikers and metalheads.

During 2007 Balrog entered the studio to record a 7-track EP, called 'The Rise' and released it at the beginning of 2008. This new work collected many good reviews by the press, the listeners and got the band in contact with some indie metal labels. For a second time, though, the lead singer showed not to be consistent anymore, so Balrog was forced to part ways with Roberto.

After some interesting auditions, the band was decided to add some aggression to its sound, so Stefano Castagna was choosed to be the new vocalist, because of his passion for extreme music and his high level studies and skills.