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Before Silence is a technical-power metal band from Belgium. The Band music is melodic, technical and powerful with a touch of prog, and gives us the opportunity to explore our musical influences that are Stratovarius, Dream Theater, Evergrey or Symphony X.

March 2003
Before Silence was founded by Herve (drums) and Steve (keyboards). They both played together in another band called Spirittales. Spiritalles split because of growing difference of opinions between the members about the musical direction.

April/May 2003
Before Silence quickly found Cedric (bass) and, after a few weeks, JC joined to play guitars. Around April, everyone came to the conclusion that JC should give it a try as vocalist. It was then required to look after a second guitarist. So, Philippe (solo guitar) entered the band at the end of May. A first series of tracks was then put together.

February 2004
Philippe Dumont left the band.

July 2004
It took a few months to find a perfect fit for the solo-guitar open position. Philippe Laurent joined us to complete the line-up. After a few weeks of rehearsals we started recording our first demo.

December 2004
"The Screaming Wolves" was finally available in December 2004. We did record it by our own means and it features three songs we selected among the 6 tracks we put on tape. With this demo completed we could start looking for concerts.

March 2005
The band starts a first series of gigs that we obtain thanks to the spreading of the "Screaming Wolf" demo.

May 2005
They welcome Nico behind the drums and start the preparation for our first studio release that is due for the end of 2005.

The band released their first album The Ultimate Nothing .