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Bel O Kan was born in 2001 with a completely different line up. At this periode, Lionel thought that Bel O Kan - ant hill name in the Bernard Werber’s book “ Les Fourmis “ - sounds great in the metal females voices scene, as if Maryline’s lyric voice rises above heavy guitars (Eric and Khrys), bass (Denis) and keyboards (Stéphane) sounds as the ant queen overhanging her ant hill. In 2003, Ant Symphonia was recorded in auto-production and after some line up changes (Maryline replaced by Kleim and Stephane departure), the band continued doing shows until Kleim departure. After a short break without singer, the band met Sarah and recorded Walkyria , the second Bel o Kan demo. After several shows done in Lyon and all around, Eric left the band. Replaced by Alex, Bel o Kan did a lot of compositions and arrangments while still appearing on scene at the Lyon’s Hall, CCO (Villeurbanne), Double Six, Millenium and le Caveau (Anse). In october 2007, Bel o Kan found again his symphonic spirit with Nico arrival on keyboards and a new choir member Marion. Fox replaced Alex on rhythmic and lead guitars on march 2008. At the end of 2008, more precisely in November, Bel o Kan thought it was the right time to move on and to record Birth Of A Queen, first album of the band, available since November 2009. Lionel left drums just a few months ago and Bruno took his place very quickly, increasing the band power and doing a lot of noise. At the moment, the band aims to do as many shows as possible in order to prove the new album value and to improve their skills.