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Layout made by Ivo Ricci Da'Leen In 2000, drummer and composer of the band Black Lady (Butterfly, 1997) decided to create a new band: The BETOKEN.Ad a year after the birth of the group's first album saw the light of CHRYSALIS band titled (self-produced and distributed on the market). This first album is characterized by the participation of musicians from backgrounds different from what is the musical proposal of prog-power Ricci.particolare then is the presence of three singers, Marco Sivo ( Time Machine, Valas, Planethard) Alessandro Toulon (x-Toy) and Bianca Iannuzzi. After the release of CHRYSALIS Ricci began to prepare the material for the new album with a sound more oriented towards a power metal mixed with classic metal old stampo.Allo same time Michele De Ponti (Black Dhama) and Eva Rondinelli (Dakrua) enter to be in Toulon Alessandro band.mentre instead will only participate in the preparation of the lyrics without participating in the recording of new album.L 'arrival of new members with the interests on the part of the record label Adrenaline / Steelheart Records and just below the auspices of this label, in December 2004, the new album entitled "The Gate of Nothing" is released on the market, this new work of the band is to report the presence of PRAISE THE LORD CHOIR that records all the choral parts album. THE GATE OF NOTHING gets good responses from the trade press and a fair response to sales, but due to the abandonment of the drummer Daniele Giusti (Morgana project), which occurred a few weeks after the relase of the album, the promotion at live show suffer the consequences and is therefore non-existent. Then the singer Marco Sivo behind the microphone is replaced by Francesco Ferreri (former guitarist of Valas) to his first experience as a lead singer in a band. In October of 2005 is yet another change of line-up, bassist Luke Bonomelli decided to leave the band and his place was taken by Alex Raven (ex Derdian BEHOLDER former Italian power / metal band). In January 2006 BETOKEN are contacted by the Italian Federation of Wrestling (ICW) to collaborate and write a song that will accompany the show of wrestlers federazione.Nel of February 2006 the group went c / o the Old Ones of Arona STUDIOS to record the single for the Federation of Wrestling. The title is the single I Can Win and adjustments will also Giulio Capone (BEJELIT, DRAKKAR) which, besides being the producer, will handle the drums as the drummer Giacomo Leone also leave the band for personal reasons just a little before the registration of the individual. From this point on, Julius will join the band as a drummer on a permanent basis. Between July and October of 2006 c / o the Old Ones STUDIOS Arona (NO) are held to record the new album BETOKEN entitled " Dead Soul Insomnia " album that marks yet another step forward in the evolution of the band's sound , where the old influences are developed with atmospheres prog / gothic / horror making it even more personal to the proposal of the band. DEAD SOUL INSOMNIA hits the market November 22, 2006 and quickly received widespread approval by professionals with great reviews. Since March 2007, the band begins to promote the album live. In May 2007, is yet another change of line-up behind the skins, because its busy music that does not allow him to devote himself fully to the project BETOKEN, Giulio Capone was replaced by Ivan Belloni. On June 5, 2007, the band plays as support act for the Methedras Monasterock Vaprio D'Adda (BG), after that date the drummer Ivan Belloni is moved away from the band. In September, participating in the festival BETOKEN METAL DISORDER 2007, as special guest on drums performs Marco Di Salvia (NODE). Following this period changes occur new lineup in early 2008 left the band Francesco Ferreri and Eve Rondinelli.Il new course of the band saw to turn the sound more thrash oriented beaches, Antonio Pecere (RAPID FIRE, ex Sigma, ex KOMADAY ) officially joined the band as new singer. In June 2008, BETOKEN close to the studio, still c / o STUDIO'S OR ONES Arona (NO) to record the new album VENOM EMPIRE with the following line:

Antonio Pecere: Voice
Ivo Ricci: Guitar, Drums, Keyboards
Michele De Ponti: Guitar
Alex Raven: Bass

Soon an official ineerente the signing by the band's contract with a new label and the relase dates VENOM EMPIRE!