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  With a look on the cover, one might be forced to say: „They are back, strong like a lion.“ Or – to say it with the currently so much popular soccer language: One more for the guys, please! It’s extended time.

 After the self-titled debut album in 2002, “ Joker In The Deck ” in 2003 and “Face Off” in 2005, guitar hero Ralf “Doc” Heyne on “Xtension”with Carsten Witte on drums, Lars Bilke on bass guitar and of course KROKUS frontman Marc Storace on vocals has managed to keep his winning team.

 As always, an album under the BISS banner also ‘only’ contains the typical BISS sound! “Xtension” rocks the house down! This definitely goes for the very heavy cover version of the HEART classic “Barracuda” and the track “Blood on Sand” which is co-written by Mat Sinner (PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER). Marc Storace’s performance once again is high class and puts a stamp onto the sound of these tracks.

 The album was once again produced by Michael Voss (MAD MAX, SILVER) at Jovel Recording Studios in Münster, Germany.