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In times when Black Metal gaining more and more attention and feedback a band name like BLACK ABYSS can easily be midunderstood. But in 1990, when the band was founded, there was nothing like this, the name seemed to be a logical hedline for the band‘s aggressive, fast but still melodic power metal in 80‘s style, with whom the quintet set their first sights in Germany. After gaining first attention a demo (.for Eternity) was recorded with Falk Gruber (a.o. Atrocity, Pyogenesis) which sold more than a 1.000 copies and made BLACK ABYSS a known name in the German underground. Many gigs followed a.o. with Brainstorm, Die Allergie, End of Green and Mon Amour. The band was also chosen for Nuclear Blast‘s „After the Spulture“-sampler which helped the guys gain more popularity. After some line-up changes they started recording their first CD in 1997 with producer Ecki Erlenbusch (u.a. END OF GREEN, BLACKEND, etc.). The album „ Why “ sold even better than the previous album, so the band signed a deal With Sub Zero Records. In the fall of 1999 BLACK ABYSS entered the Sub Zero studio to record the follow-hp „ Land Of Darkness “, on which several guest musicians appeared a.o. Marcus Jürgens/PUMP, ex-BRAINSTORM, Sven D`Anna / WIZARD. Because of problems with Sub Zero the band had to look for another recording contract and they signed with B.O. Records, who released the album in July 2000. The album acclaimed very positive reviews in the major German press as well as webzines and fanzines. The album sold absolutelly well and built a solid foundation for the follow-up. As the band entered the studio to record the 2nd album, the label B.O. Records went bankrupt and the band decided to finish the album at their own costs. „ Angels Wear Black “ was produced by DIETER ROTH (u.a. Die Allergie and Merlons Lichter). With the completed album BLACK ABYSS looked for a new label to present their best and most mature album to date. Meanwhile the band focused on their live activities, playing a.o. with Reverend or the Badia Rock Festival in Italy (with a.o. Stormwitch, Undertow) and countless club shows. Ignoring the problems on their past way, the band continued with their hard work combining classical Iron Maiden-metal with their own characteristical sound and style. Their own sound is now found on „ Angels Wear Black “. Dark, heavy, classical but innovative. Die 10 songs recorded impress with neck-breaking riffing, driving rhythms, excellent vocals and a whole lot of power presented by matuee musicians who are part of the metal scene for a long time!