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Blackshine was formed in August 1988 under the name of Hetsheads by four schoolmates living in Stockholm. Back then their ambition was to play deathmetal and they soon became a relatively well-known band in the deathmetal underground.

Having the ambition of creating themselves an own identity and as always unwilling to limit themselves musically by labels the bands material began to take new forms. It became obvious that the band no longer played deathmetal. To avoid disappointing any of the old Hetsheads fans the band decided to change their monicer to Blackshine.

New name, new style but still the same determination and the same hardworking non-compromising members; Anders Strokirk-Guitar and Vocals, Joakim Stabel-Guitar, Fredrik Holmberg-Bass and Anders Freimanis-Drums. The band kept on writing and recording new material and finally all the hard work paid off. They signed a record contract with G.U.N. Records and recorded the debut "Our Pain Is Your Pleasure". Which was released in September 1997. (Even though the Hetsheads recordings were released by Repulse Records on the album "We Hail the Possessed" in 1995). The record was followed up with a successful European tour as supportact to U.D.O. and a Scandinavian tour supporting Bruce Dickinson.

Differences of opinion led to the decision of a break-up between Blackshine and G.U.N. Records. About the same time drummer Anders Freimanis and the rest of the band decided to go separate ways. Nevertheless Blackshine continued to write material and worked as hard as ever before.

Several drummers were tested until the perfect man for the job was found in Håkan Eriksson (ex Godblender, ex Face Down). With a steady line-up and new material stronger than ever it didn't take long for the quartet to get signed by SPV/Steamhammer.

The new album "Soulless & Proud" was recorded between Feb and Apr 2001 in Dog Pound Audio with producer Putzweck. In wait for the very delayed release of "Soulless & Proud" the band did a very well appreciated appearance on the Party Stage of the Wacken Open Air festival the summer of 2001.They also did a few dates in Holland and Belgium in the autumn together with Terra Firma and some in Sweden together with Entombed. "Soulless & Proud" was finally released in January 2002 but wasn't followed up with a tour until October/November, when Blackshine finally got on the road supporting Sentenced and Lacuna Coil on their European tour. Because of the frustration over the bad situation with SPV/Steamhammer and other more personal reasons, Håkan Eriksson decided to leave Blackshine three weeks (!) before the tour. This left an opening for ex Merciless,ex Dia Psalma/Strebers drummer Stipen, who did an amazing job in learning the songs in such short notice. The tour went very well and Stipen was now a permanent member of Blackshine.

After the European tour the relationship between Blackshine and SPV/Steamhammer turned more and more sour.The lack of interest shown by SPV/Steamhammer and the difference of opinion on how to properly support a band was so frustrating Blackshine decided to leave the label. With a new musician in the band and eager to get a fresh start, Blackshine threw themselves into more and more experimental writing and has now, one and a half years later, recorded the most interesting and catchy album ever in the history of the band. The album is entitled " Lifeblood " and was recorded in 52ND Music Studio and was co-produced by Blackshine and Tor Adolfsson.

In 2005 Stipen left the band and was replaced by Chris Barkensjö who also is the drummer of the brutal death metal band Kaamos.

After a short negotiation with the Hamburg based label Dockyard 1 a new partner is found and " Lifeblood " is ready to see the light of day on September 25th, 2006. " Lifeblood " is the most bold album to come from Blackshine up to date and sets off the beginning of a new era for the band. The album consists of eleven songs of raw power that will blow your mind away. Each and every song with its own character, specially designed for the designated headbanger. Do yourself a favour: get a beer, turn up the volume, and blow your mind!!!