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BLADE OF SPIRIT formed on December '96 in Kozani, Hellas, as a three members band (Manos Kompos-vocals, Yiannis Kaltirimtzis-guitar, Makis Kavoukas-synths) and with that line-up released it's first demo-tape called "Odes To Carpathian Tales" in July '97. In the next year the band accompished it's first concerts and with participation of three new members recorded a promo-tape under the title of "Blade Of Spirit" on August '98.

In the year 1999 Blades was quite inactive because of several problems with band members. In September 2000 and with a few changes in the line-up, recorded it's demo-CD entitled "Dies Irae" which received very good reviews from 'zines and metal funs in Greece. The fourth release comes with "Countless Time" demo-CD which released in October 2001 and with Kostas Theoharis to fill the drummer's place. The reviews from Greek and whole Europe press were very supportive for the band. This was the first work of the band, travelled far and wide, played on Metal stations from South America to Asia. At the same time Blades accompished a few concerts around Greece.

A promo-CD "Serpents Of Decay" concist their next step, released in July '02, receiving very glorius reports and causing a great demand around band's name and music. 2003 coming with a new release named "Journey To Fadelife" as a promo-CD. The band till now has given a lof of concerts around Greece, meeting on the stage some of the greatest names of Hellenic underground metal scene.

Soon after the release of "Journey To Fadelife" coming a change in the line-up with Jim Savvoulidis to fill the bassist place. On August 2004 guitarist Yiotis Dounas replace Petros.

In Sep.2005 Blade Of Spirit participate with song "Depression Of Ages" in double-CD compilation of Sound & Vision called "Greece Attacks - The Next Assault" which include 32 bands from whole Greece.

After a long period (Jan. - Aug. 2005) of working, recording and mixing parts of the first official release, Blade Of Spirit have complete the album " Shadow's Race " and very soon came a deal with Steel Gallery Records.