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Hailing from the San Francisco Bay, comes a new breed of rockers for the 21st century... Blue Hail! The power metal quartet featuring vocalist Hal Jarvis, John Goodwin on lead guitar, drummer Scott "Scotty B" Bergevin, and Lucas Advincula, bring a fresh new sound to today's hard rock. What inspires within their music is the diversity of the style within their offerings. Blue Hail covers today's alternative genre, than covers a gothic metal approach, and can challenge pop-rock as well. The group was formed via talented guitarist John Goodwin, who wanted to take his efforts to a new level. Goodwin was joined by veteran rock drummer Scott Bergevin, who played with other Bay area acts such as Outlander, Loose Cannon, and Event Horizon. Blue Hail began writing material for their self titled debut album in 2002.  Blue Hail entered the studio in late 2004 to produce their 10 song debut project "Blue Hail".

The album released in the summer of 2005, with powerful tracks out of the gate, including the debut single "Back of Your Mind", classic metal track
"Lost World", and radio friendly pop-rocker "Gas". The foursome have already been performing live since early 2005, making the rounds in their native Northern California circuit.