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The band under the moniker Bride Adorned can be said to have started in 1998, when the first demo broke out to the daylight. Bride Adorned gained more name among metalheads with their 2000 A.D. demo, which also succeeded a recording deal with Oulu, Finland-based Mastervox records The bands founding members/main songwriters/guitarists Panu Kiskola's and Mikko Mustonen's mutual musical background derives from even years and years of early companionship. From the present line-up also the bass player Jukka Hoffrén and the singer Tuomas Nieminen have been in the band from the early days. The keyboardist Tapio Kuosma joined the group before the recordings of the demo 2000, and the drummer Teemu Laitinen joined the possé just in time for the recordings of the debut album.

Bride Adorned laid down the first drum tracks on the summer of 2001. During the next winter and autumn the most part of the future album's material was recorded, and because the guys had to also do their 'earthly work', the recordings started to happen in every possible time available. For the consequent recordings special and auxiliary recording environments were built on the band's training premises in Helsinki and on the St.Thomas's Church Oulu, with the portable recording equipment of the Mastervox Studios.

Due awesome amounts of material to be recorded the sessions were delayed from the original plans. In the autumn of 2002, when the album was already on the mixing desk, the producers decided to re-do all the guitar parts due the structural changes in the compositions made during the long production time and the huge amount of orchestral and choral parts needed some tougher approach on guitars sound-wise too. So all guitar tracks were recorded again!

Also other particular events slowed the action down so much, that when the album was finally in the state to start the actual mixing,the band's gold-eared arranger, Mikko decided to write some more instrumental orchestra-pieces and interludes on the album as an taster of the future path the sound of BA is going to be heading in.

During the mix-down we ended up working with 130-168 tracks of instruments and vocals playing simultaneously. There were huge amounts of exciting moments to get everything finally happen, but finally on the spring of 2004 everything got finished.

Even though the release has been awaited by both the fans and the band members themselves immensely, the time hasn't been wasted in any way since the recordings have ended some new material is on it's way already and the band has started to practice for future gigs! Additionally almost all of the members are also involved in their own projects and/or play and tour with other recording bands too.