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Varldens Storsta Trad was the name of the band who later on became Broken Dagger. It was founded in the year 2000 by the three 16-year-olds Jeremy Child, Magnus Wohlfart and Hakan Lanz who simply got the idea to pick up some instruments and start a band. Back then the instrumental skills were on a pretty low level, and mostly covers of old 80s classics were played.

Gustaf Hagel joined the band when a bass player was needed for a gig and soon after his arrival the band started to write their own songs. The sound was heading towards the more melodic way of metal, which was one of the reasons why Hakan at this time decided to leave the band. Around Christmas in 2002 a new guitar player was found in Jonas Froberg, and the band dropped all the previously written songs and changed the name to Broken Dagger. The line-up guitar, guitar, drums and bass was back at square 1 and started to write new material, but there was one vital part missing: the vocals.

In April 2003 Broken Dagger played in the music contest Musik Direkt at Mejeriet, Lund. Two new songs were performed without a singer but the band saw the chance to promote that a singer was urgently needed! It didnt take long before Niklas Olausson tapped on Magnus shoulder reporting for duty. An addition was made as well as a decission: Broken Dagger had found a singer!

Three months later Broken Dagger entered "The Dungeon" with 6 fresh songs to be recorded. The result was called Into Madness, a demo destined to take the world of metal by storm. In the fall of 2003 Broken Dagger hired the keyboardplayer Urban "Ubi-Wan" Mansby to complete the line-up.

After having played some live gigs in the southern parts of Sweden, the band decided it was time to record a new demo, and also to part ways with bass player Gustaf Hagel. A new bass player was found in William Ekeberg but since the recording of the new demo had already begun, Magnus handled the bass on the demo. The new record was named Madness Approaching and was released on April 24th at the Black Diamond event at Mejeriet in Lund, where the new songs were performed live in front of 250 screaming metal fans.

In 2005 Broken Dagger inked a deal with Catahya and CMD Records and the work of the bands first full-length album began. But when the band was about to enter the studio, guitarist Jonas Froberg came with the chocking news that he was leaving the band and moving to India. However, Broken Dagger, proceeded as planned and soon enough guitars, bass, and drums had been recorded and the album was scheduled for a release in early february 2006. But then keyboard player Ubi-Wan Mansby decided to challenge the forces of nature and started to work out on his spared time with a malignant muscle injury (compartment syndrome) as a result of his blasphemic activities. This slowed things down and by the time he was healed february was long gone. Therefore a new goal for a release in June was set.