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Cadacross was founded in 1997 by Georg Laakso, Janne Salo, Jarkko Lemmetty. Tommi Saari joined while later. At first they played raw and aggressive Death-metal. in the spirit of british Death-metal band Carcass, which was their biggest influence at the time. After the training & songwriting sessions, in the spring of 98 the recordings of their up-coming demotape took place at their rehearsal room in Hämeenlinna. Unfortunately the tape turned out to be disaster and due of this the band almost broke up, but luckily it was more like "a creative break".

A month later they re-grouped and after long discussions decided to go on again. They wanted to transform their sound a bit and so they brought more melodic aspects on it. It did'nt take log when Mathias Nygård joined the band and so they practised, played few gigs and wrote new songs for album what was become..."So Pale is the Light". This Album is Exellent combination of dark/death metal with strong classical grip. Catchy riffs with whirling melodies and synth arrangements creates strong euphonic atmosphere that captures one to listen and march along until very end.

"In the making process our goal was smooth & harmonius overall, maybe not so lyrical side, but musically and in this case I think we succeeded pretty damn well. Turmion Taival is sure to rise above. it has this battle theme and lyrics support the music very well". - Georg Laakso

As the time passes by, things often tend to change. This goes also for finnish metal-legion. Cadacross as the founder G.Laakso stands as the only original member. Laakso is, man behind the music so these line-up changes didn't effect the songwriting process for the new album in anyway at all. So a lot has happened in the band since the debut album "So Pale is the Light" but these changes didn't happen in a day but in a three year timeline. If you look the formation nowadays, it is righteous to say that Cadacross is stronger than ever.

Their second album " Corona Borealis " reveals the many faces of Cadacross as it skillfully combines different styles of metal. Songs of the album contains Power-, Death-, Folk-, Viking-. and Battlemetal parts and let's not forget those Classical influenses from old days, they are included too. What really makes it so great, is that though the diversity in music they've managed to keep their line. In fact only one song differs from others "Bring Out Your Dead" it has sort of a Carcass-feel and there are no keyboards at all. Keyboard use on other songs differs quite lot from this track because all other songs are more or less based to strong keyboard use. The arrangements sound like a movie soundtracks and that creates a contrast with guitars. The other contrastfactor is vocals. When melodies get a bit too joyful Aarnio's primal delivery ensures that Cadacross treads on the darker side of metal.
There is also Additional Mucisian on the album :

Riku Ylitalo from Turisas - Accordion on "Morningstar"
Jari Mäenpää from Ensiferum - Guitar solo on "Bring Out Your Dead"
Jukka Salo - Vocals on "Wreath of Seven Stars"

In the end " Corona Borealis " is very convinsing album. The Music has much more forth going drive and determination than before. It is Truly a display of different styles yet with that recognizeable CC sound, style and very strong overall. You don't really wan't to pass this one. After you've listened it, you may wonder... What comes next...