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CARAVELLUS was formed in 2002 by Glauber Oliveira – Virtuous guitar player from Brazil. This was a studio project in the beginning that had participation of a couple musicians. After the first demos recordings (2002 - 2004), the line-up was completed with Daniel Felix on keyboards, Charles Erlan on drums, Paula Araújo on vocals and Pedro Lee on bass guitar. In September 2006 CARAVELLUS was signed by Erpland Records and recorded their first album " LIGHTHOUSE AND SHED " which was released in March 2007. The musical concept of walking in the footsteps of great and virtuous bands like Symphony X, Dream Theater and Angra formed the band and helped them to become known  in Japan. Caused by musical differences Pedro Lee, Charles Erlan and Paula Araújo had left the band. A new course for CARAVELLUS with new members and new ideas. For it, and after a long selection process, Raphael Dantas (vocals), Cleison Johann (bass) and Pedro Nunes (drums) joined CARAVELLUS in December 2007. With an inspiring mix of progressive power metal sound layered with classical and folk influences, CARAVELLUS has brought along the right tools to create originality and adroitness, audacity and quality. The band have made huge waves in Japan and France. CARAVELLUS's extraordinary musical talent, innovative songwriting and wonderful musicianship creates an immediate, emotional impact on even the most selective of listener. The second album " KNOWLEDGE MACHINE " is awesome!! The band signed with the canadian label Metalodic Records, for world distribution. This album is a perfect mixing between: Progressive Music + Heavy and brazilian folk rhythms.