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Chroming Rose from Senden, Germany, power metal forged in 1985, brought together vocalist ‘Wotan’, guitarist Matze Mende, bassist Harry Steiner and drummer Tino Mende. In 1987 ‘Wotan’ was superseded by ‘Orä’and the group stabilised for a couple of years before adding second guitarist S.C. Wuller in 1989 and ditched ‘Orä’ in favour of Gerd Salwski. In 1990 guitarist Matze Mende was the next casualty, departing after the release of the debut album Louis XIV for EMI, and his position was taken by Rikki Rieger.

From 1989 to 1994 Chroming Rose caused a sensation with three international successful CDs, released by EMI, Louis XIV , Garden Of Eden, Pressure . The result were great live-tours through Europe and even Japan and the United States. The band played together with well known acts like Gotthard, Mr. Big, Saxon, Extreme & White Lion.

The band toured as support to Pink Cream 69 and U.D.O. during 1990 and opened for Saxon’s German tour the following year; 1991 also seeing the emergence of sophomore effort Garden Of Eden which, like the debut, was produced by Tommy Hansen. The 1992 Pressure album would be produced by Flemming ‘Razz’ Rasmussen.

In 1992 the band undertook its first headline tour of Japan prior to a double headliner of Germany with Swedes Treat. A 1993 German headline tour saw Brazilians Viper supporting. Ex-Chroming Rose’s guitarist Uwe Hormann would found Tarot’s Myst.

With the new singer Tom Reiners a new age began:

In 1994 the group unleashed the live album Artworks Live Now, debuting new vocalist Tom Reiners and a new label in Miez Records, which was only made and dedicated for the fans. 1996 gave birth to Chroming Rose’s second album for Miez in New World .

This selfproduced “tough and mighty edged piece of a rock-album” was no longer German speedmetal. But also it expressed the melodic power and individuality of Chroming Rose itself.

Because of this developement The CD got quite different reviews from both press and audience. But foreign countries reviewed New World unprejudiced: So the CD was released by JVC in Japan and charted at once. The album even was licensed in the U.S., where the resonances toped all expectations. The live-activities of the band in Eastern Europe caused sensations. New World led many reader charts and was “on the air” for several months.

The result of the large European live-tour with more than 80 shows and uncountable different promotional activities (self-produced video clip, unplugged-sessions in many music stores and radio stations, etc.) was a constantly growing crowd of fans. Because of these continuous efforts, a cooperation with the international distributor ZYX-Music was realized.

The change was executed, the basis for the future fixed.

So Insight is the direct and honest result of the consequent work of Chroming Rose.

Simultaneous to the CD Insight the band presents the strictly limited edition The Gift. It contains Insight and also the special acoustic-EP Private. It shows another side of Chroming Rose, which more than underlines the many sidedness of the band. Animated by a successful acoustic-tour, Chroming Rose decided to release this CD to proof that rock music can be personal, private and familiar, too.

The band disbanded later, during the year 1999.