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In the beginning of 2005, it has begun as a two-man project of Tobias (Guitar) and Björn (Bass). Through the time the project has grown up to a band with 5 members. In March 2006, the current Line-Up of CIRCLE OF SILENCE was completed by Nick (Vocals), Chris (Guitar) and Pit (Drums).

The sound of C.O.S. can be described as aggressive (Power) Metal which knows to convince with catchy songs and melodies. In September 2006, the first album " Your Own Story " was released and reached a strong 9/12 review in the german metal magazin HEAVY!?

Till the middle of 2007 various concerts were played, before C.O.S. has moved back into the rehearsal room to practice the new songs for the forthcoming album " The Supremacy Of Time ". The B.N. newcomer's contest formed the ending of the year 2007 for C.O.S. which was finished successfully with the 1-st place.

The recordings for " The Supremacy Of Time " were done from November 2007 till February 2008.
The album was released at the beginning of March 2008.