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Conorach is a melodic metal band from the western part of the Netherlands. Their music can best be described as a mixture between Power Metal and Folk, focusing on melody and dynamics. The material is inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, Moonsorrow, Skyclad, Opeth and Falconer.

At the end of 2005, a solid band formation was formed, with which a demo was recorded, titled “A New Day Rising”.
In June 2008, Conorach released their first full-length CD named “Tales from the Tavern” in the presence of a vast audience at Speakers in Delft. The album, which is mastered at Excess Studios, received a great review in the Dutch magazine Aardschok.

In the 2 years following the demo, Conorach builds quite a live reputation. Their shows are energetic and the band often tends to share a barrel of beer with the crowd.
In 2007, Conorach wins the Podium Enjoi Festival contest.

To name but a few, Conorach previously played at the Baroeg (Rotterdam), Dynamo (Eindhoven) and Escape (Veenendaal), with bands like Heidevolk (NL), Hollenthon (A), Thronar (NL), Eluveitie (CH), Odroerir (DE) and Roadkill (NL).

Jacco de Wijs (Vocals)
Jurgen de Vries (Guitar & vocals)
Patrick den Drijver (Guitar)
Sander Zuiderwijk (Keys)
Daniël van Wijgerden (Bass)
Ivo van der Stoel (Drums)