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WIth a line up including Peter James Goodman on Vocals, Tuomo Lassila on Drums & Percussion, Heikki Warma on guitar, Marco Hietala on Bass & Vocals and Pate Kivinen on Keyboards, the band Conquest and their debut "Worldýs Apart" is guaranteed to set them apart from the crowd. It is, quite simply, a stunning display of music that twists and turns its way into your heart. Opener "Changes" is a track to set the speakers alight, a massive anthem that is a hybrid of Malmsteem and Stratovarious. Vocalist Goodman comes across as a mixture of James Scott Soto and Graham Bonnet, such is the power of his range. With the subtle addition of keys and clever percussion, this formula proves to be a winner.

The album continues in this vein as the talented five-piece pump out winner after winner, throwing out comparisons to Royal Hunt and Talisman along the way. The guitar work of Heikki Warma has to be heard to be accepted, check out "Heat of the Flame" and you will see what we mean. On the other hand just feel those lush keyboards on "Down for the Count", an intro to "Sister Moon" no less, and the melodic mayhem that ensues, but if you have a penchant for ballads then relax to the mystical "Guardian Angel". However, itýs bombast and drive that these guys are best at and this album is chock full of that!
Turn it up and enjoy!