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Crescent Shield began in 2000, originally as a side project for then-Onward vocalist Michael Grant and then-Destiny's End guitarist Daniel DeLucie.

The two creative forces were heavily involved in their respective projects but managed to record several demos during the three years between Crescent Shield's inception and its materialization as an actual band in the summer of 2003.

When Onward finally disbanded in the summer of 2003, Grant and DeLucie decided to convert their project into a full band. They completed the line-up with drummer Craig Anderson (ex-Ignite/Engine) and bassist Melanie Sisneros (ex-New Eden/The Iron Maidens/ Sinergy), two veterans of the Los Angeles music scene.

After many months of writing, rehearsing, and piecing together a mostly pro quality studio, the band commenced recording their debut album. The band's self-produced recording entitled 'The Last of my Kind' was quickly picked up by Italian label Cruz del Sur Music.

Crescent Shield's sound, tight and fierce, is the sum of years and years spent playing, living, and breathing Heavy Metal Music - born and developed by true Heavy Metal musicians capable of recreating and further expanding the glorious sound of the US Metal school.

With slabs of the most refined Jag Panzer, Mercyful Fate, Fates Warning, " The Last Of My Kind " moves through epic and melodic atmospheres, maintaining the tension high with a sharp and creative guitar sound matched by one of the most impressive vocal performances in today's metal music. The strong, precise, and solid rhythm section delivers an inspired and clean performance that will make "The Last of My Kind" a classic heavy metal release for the years to come.