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Drummer Chris Klapper founded CUSTARD in November of 1987. The band quickly achieved ?world-famous-status? in their hometown, but failed to break out of their natural habitat, robbing them of the possibility of demonstrating their talents to wider audiences. Klapper decided that this was due to the less-than-perfect talent of certain band members, and gradually began a replacement and improvement programme, tinkering with the line-up until CUSTARD gradually became a synonym for quality Thrash Music of the ?Made in Germany? kind.

After the release of the Signa inferre demos, on tape, CUSTARD became a favourite with the underground press. Gradually the band also moved away from their Thrash roots, composing more melodic titles, and also introducing a more epic element in their music. Naturally this also resulted in more line-up changes because some band members were either dissatisfied with the direction, or were unable to master the technically more difficult style.

With new musicians, came new influences, and stability. CUSTARD were now preparing for a first stopover at real professional recording studio to record the EP disc God Of Storm. The results were rather satisfactory. Reviews were complimentary and CUSTARD now gained nationwide recognisance, which led to a deal with a booking agency that booked them as opening act on a SKYCLAD tour. Though an odd match, audiences were enthusiastic, and the tour was a genuine triumph.

Encouraged by the success of the first record, and the subsequent- tour, CUSTARD now deftly readied themselves for a second sojourn into the recording studio, this time To record their debut full-length album, entitled Kingdoms of your life. Thanks to a licensing deal with BELPHIGOR Records, this time CUSTARD managed to break out of Germany, when POINT MUSIC, the label?s distributor, gave ?KINGDOMS? near worldwide distribution. The media acclaim and solid sales allowed them to embark on an extensive German tour.

CUSTARD had very ambitious aspirations for their next album. They invested much more time to write the album, to make sure it would once more be better than the previous one. The release was further delayed when BELPHIGOR went belly-up, but BO RECORDS, quickly offered CUSTARD a new contract, and soon afterwards released the album For my King. The album was again well received, and CUSTARD toured continually. By now CUSTARD had stepped into the new millennium, and some line-up changes reoccurred.

New members were sought out, tested, recruited, while in the meantime CUSTARD started writing songs for the next album. The process took quite awhile, but the wait was well worth it. The latest album, Wheels of Time, is absolutely crammed with epic anthems, and the quality of the production is of such high standards.