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After a forced silence of almost 18 years Danger Zone are once again back in the folds and their famous and never published “Line of Fire” album ready to finally shine. The Italian Hard rock group, formed by guitarist Roberto Priori in 1980 and disbanded in 1992 after releasing the EP "Victim of Time" in 1984 (6° in the Kerrang's import charts) and several live performances all over Europe and USA, is yet on target and set to regain what was lost in the past: the Italian Hard Rock scene leadership. Roberto after partnering again with long time fellows and original band's members Giacomo Gigantelli on vocals and Paolo Palmieri on drums joined forces with Roberto Galli, bass and Michele Vanni, guitars & keyboards to feed once again the breeze of the Classic Rock on our lands. While the guys are currently busy writing new materials and rehearsing in the studio, Avenue of Allies proudly gives to the lights of the day (January 2011) what have been the most obscure and yet highly awaited Italian Hard rock Album of all times, “Line of Fire”. Roberto Priori recently stated: "We are really excited to finally have the “Line of Fire” CD in our hands and we are getting ready to hit the stage again soon!!" Originally recorded under the executive production by Francesco Sanavio and Stephan Galphas (Stryper, China, Meat Loaf) with the artistic production of Jody Gray (E.Z.O., Loudness, China) and Mark Cobrin (E.Z.O, Loudness, P.Simon) “Line of Fire” has been mixed at Quad Studios in New York and witnessed the collaborations of huge artists such as Michaels Des Barres as writer and Grace Jones on background vocals just to name a few. With a new mastering done by Roberto Priori, “Line of Fire” is here to blow your mind away and bring you back in the magic of the classic eighties rock. And the story has just begun! Danger Zone will be touring soon in support of the album and they will be back in the studio to release what will be their come back masterpiece.