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Band founded by members Torsten Sauerbrey, Peter Arenz, Michael Lowin, Thorsten Kohlrausch and Oliver Schoening, mostly doing cover versions of "Slayer" & "Metallica" songs. Oliver Schoening leaves the band. First recording "The Awakening", including 5 tracks. Christian Wille replaces Oliver Schoening on guitar.

Second recording "As Daylight Fades...", including 8 tracks. Several gigs in local clubs. Christian Wille is replaced by Jan-Christian Baumgartner.

EP "Oceans Of Time" recorded, including 5 tracks. Reviews are printed in magazines nationwide. Numerous gigs are played throughout Germany, including WOA and support gigs for Nina Hagen & Saxon.

Several gigs are played nationwide, including support gigs fpr Pyogenesis. "OOT" sells well throughout the year (1200 copies sold). Altough not yet having signed up with a record company an interview with the band is printed in "Rock Hard" magazine. Lot of airplay from radio stations nationwide. Peter Arenz leaves the band.

Several gigs are played with guest musicians (Florian Schröder, Kai Duda). Recording of a new CD planned, including release party at the local city hall. Torsten Sauerbrey and Jan Christian leave the band. Search for other musicians turns out to be very difficult. New drummer Michael Wolf joins the band. Numerous musicians can´t fulfill the high expectations. Guitarist Matthias Majkowski joins the band. Recording test at a local studio.

Michael Wolf leaves, being replaced by Torsten Sauerbrey. Florian Schröder (re)joins the band. "Just for labels"-CD recorded, leading to several label contacts. New found management negotiates with labels. Contract is offered and time plan for the recording of a longplayer is made. Songwriting completed.

Band & label disagree about soundstudio to be booked for album recording, causing long lasting negotiations with record label & management. Band books self-chosen studio at own cost, to keep time plan. Split with management & deal with label not signed. First longplayer " Baneful Skies " is recorded at "Spacelab" Studio, Kempen/Germany, produced by Oliver Philipps & Christian Moos. First time ever a female vocalist (Judith Stüber) appears in the sound of Dark At Dawn. Album is offered to several labels. Following a number of offers from different labels, a deal is signed with German record company "Iron Glory Records". " Baneful Skies " is released 29/11/99 under distribution of "Connected".

Very positive media statements about " Baneful Skies " (e.g. soundcheck´s 7th place in "Rock Hard"-Magazine, 5th in "Heavy, oder was???"-Magazine, 3rd in "Metal Heart"-Magazine). Interviews in all leading magzines. " Baneful Skies " release party faces some 600 fans. Band´s homepage www.dark-at-dawn.com is put online and supports fans from all over the world with the latest news. Gigs at "Sacred Steel"´s release party, at "Wave Gotik Treffen", "Wacken Open Air", "Headbanger´s Open Air", "Summer Breeze Open Air" and many others. " Baneful Skies " is released in South America by "Moria Records" on October, the 30th. Second longplayer is recorded at "Stage One Studio" of well-known producer Andy Classen in November. Contract with "Warner Chappell" / "Edition Wolffackel" is signed.

Some concerts were played to promote the album (e.g. Wacken, Wave Gotik Treffen and so on).
The band is not satisfied with the work of their record company. An agreement to release one last album with previously unreleased songs from the "early days" is made.
Guitarist Florian Schröder leaves the band to dedicate his time to his studies. He is replaced by Sebastian Topp, who does not seem to be the right man to fill the place. A short time later, the second guitarist Matthias Majkowski leaves the band for vocational reasons. The band now has no permanent guitarists but decides to continue.
Drummer Torsten Sauerbrey plays the guitar parts in the studio.

The album "First beams of light - rediscovered tracks" is recorded at "MetalSound"-Studio in April with several guest musicians (JC Baumgartner, Florian Schröder and Sebastian Topp) and is released in November as the last record for Iron Glory Records.
After negotiations with some new record companies the band decides to sign a new contract at AFM Records.
In September/October the following longplayer is recorded by Buddy Kohlrausch-Voice, Michael Lowin-Bass and Torsten Sauerbrey-Drums,Guitars and Keyboard at "MetalSound" and is mixed again by Andy Classen at "Stage-One-Studio".
For a third time, the band has a female guest appearance on vocals (Anissa Taggatz).

The "old" guitarists Florian Schröder and Matthias Majkowski offer their services to support the band live on stage.