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In the musical style of well-knowns like Megadeth and Metallica -- while leaning a little toward groups such as Iced Earth and Blind Guardian -- the metal band Destiny's End was founded in Los Angeles, CA, in the '90s. Members are vocalists James Rivera, guitarists Perry Grayson and Dan DeLucie, drummer Brian Craig, and bassist Nardo Andi. Each musician brought considerable experience to Destiny's End. Rivera had spent time as part of the popular group Helstar. Craig, Andi, and DeLucie had all worked together in the band New Eden. Craig and Andi were also members of Shadow Insane. DeLucie performed with Secret Wisdom, Grayson with Stormhaven, and the gifted Rivera with groups including Scorcher, Bad Heaven, and Vigilante.

In 1998, Destiny's End recorded a debut album, Breathe Deep the Dark, under the Metal Blade Records label. The symphonic offering carries fast and brutal numbers like "Sinister Deity," "Immortal," "Under Destruction's Thumb," and "Rebirth." In May of 2000, Perry Grayson stepped down from his spot as guitarist for the group. He decided to call it quits not long after Destiny's End completed the work on its sophomore album, Transition . With tour obligations hanging over them, the group quickly replaced Grayson with experienced guitarist Eric Halpern.

Destiny's End appeared on the "King Diamond Tribute", released by Necropolis Records in 2000, covering the song "Dressed In White".