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DOMINATION BLACK is a six-piece Heavy"Horror" Metal band from Karhula, Finland. The group's lineup since forming in 2003 has consisted of Vocalist Kari A. Kilgast ( A.K.A THE SENTINEL) Guitarists Teppo "Absinth" Heiskanen and Ville Wiren, bassist SIR..Eerola,keyboardist Juuso Welder and drummer Juha Beck.

The group released few "tongue-in cheek" demos and one "real demo" between 2003 and 2005, which demonstrated the group's heavy influence from 1980s heavy metal. The group signed to Poison Arrow Records, releasing their debut, Fearbringer , in 2005, which drew comparisons to Early Metallica and Early Judas Priest, They have since recorded one more album for Poison Arrow Records called DARK LEGACY ,Their next effort will be Mini CD called HAUNTING via Violent journey records in 20th February 2008.