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Domine are an epic power metal band from Florence (Italy). They published four demotapes: "Domine" in 1986, "Champion eternal" in 1989, "Bearer of the sword" in 1991 and "Domine 1994" in 1994. In the firt three demotapes there were Enrico Paoli (guitars), Riccardo Paoli (bass), Carlo "Funa" Funaioli (drums), Agostino Carpo (guitars) and Stefano Mazzella (vocals). In last demo Agostino Carpo left the band and the singer changed: the new one was Simone Gazzola. He also left the band and was substituted by Morby.

With Mimmo Palmiotta at drums, instead of Funa, they finally published in 1997 the first album, "Champion eternal".

In 1999 they published the second album, "Dragonlord (Tales of the noble steel)", with the new keyboards player Riccardo Iacono.

On April 2001 they recorded new album, which title is "Stormbringer ruler - The legend of the power supreme", with Stefano Bonini at drums (member of the band from 1999 instead of Mimmo). In this album there are four songs from the mini concept "The chronicles of the Black Sword - The end on an era". The concept is inspired by "Elric of Melnibonè" by Michael Moorcock. In new album there's also a tribute to Richard Wagner, with the song "The Ride of the Valkyries" ispired by "La Valchiria" ("Die Walküre"), from his famous opera "L'anello del Nibelungo" ("Der ring des Nibelungen"). it will be out on November 5, 2001.