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Well, Dotma is a heavy metal band from Hyvinkää, Finland. Their music is best described as melodic metal with pompous melodies, spiced with a dramatic, and the same time gentle female voice.

Back to the year 2005
There are two guys with long hair and pimples on their faces – the guitarist and the keyboardist. They are making jokes about power metal bands and their lyrics full of dragons, warriors, swords etc. Then these “Beavis & Butt-Head” come up to the idea of forming their own band. That’s how “Dragons Of The Middle Age” (Dotma these days) saw the daylight and the first song was called “Hunting the Dragon”. Next song “Wizards of the Dragon Tower” was actually played in most of the gigs couple of years later. So two years went by, the songs developed and the “dragon-theme” started to fade away.

Finally in the autumn of 2007 Dotma stepped into the studio for the first time. The first promo-CD including three songs gained positive reactions but to us it was just an overture. As far as today our music has been like a journey from the Middle Ages to our own fantasy world. The contrast between powerful melodies and limpid female vocals makes the music fresh yet mystic.

Now, Dotma has just finished with the recordings of a promo-cd of their upcoming debut album. The promotional cd titled "Dances with the shadows" contains three new songs, which shows the musical style where Dotma has grown within these past few years. The line-up has changed a bit from the early days, but now for the first time, band is ready to go full steam ahead towards new adventures! Now, we would like to welcome you to the journey that leads you to a world of deep dreams and dancing shadows!