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Italian melodic power metal band Dragonhammer are back with their 2nd album ' Time For Expiation '. Dragonhammer 1st album ‘The Blood Of The Dragon ’ (2001) was one of the most interesting and well-reviewed debuts, gathering enthusiastic feedback all over the world especially in ‘very selective’ areas like Germany and Japan.

Combining different elements and various influences Dragonhammer turned to reach a sound that it’s hardly comparable to the abused ‘Classic Italian Power-Speed Metal’. Fast and epic songs, with bombastic choirs, much pathos and a singer that sings in the higher regions doesn’t mean necessary to follow Rhapsody and their disciples.

Mastered in Sweden at Mastering Room (In Flames, Opeth, Solwork, Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall), Dragonhammer 2nd album ‘ Time For Expiation ’ is mature enough to mix power, epic and progressive elements and all the songs hold your attention and explore the total dynamics that this style of music allows, form operatic style vocals, multi part harmonies, classically inspired keys, expertly done, and heavy guitars riffs.

Starting from the attractive cover-artwork, ‘Time Of Expiation’ wants to deal with more introspective themes, avoiding ‘sword & pride’ clichés. A very particular ‘tormented soul’ (the "Eternal Sinner") is playing the game of life and it brings together past, present and future…