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Dragon Heart was formed in July 1997 in Curitiba, Brazil. Influenced by the 80's Heavy Metal and mixing elements of Medieval, Classic, and Celtic Music, the band makes a Power Metal with developed melodies and epic vocals.The name, Dragon Heart, was chosen from the story of a knight that killed dragons for vengeance. The Dragon Heart's logo was designed by the drummer, Marcelo Caporasso and all the coverarts and pictures in the booklets were made by the band.

The formers are Eduardo Marques (vocals and guitar), Marco Caporasso (vocals and guitar), Mauricio Taborda (vocals and bass), and Marcelo Caporasso (drums). The band remains from another band from Curitiba called Brujah, which played traditional Heavy Metal.

In Brujah Marco Caporasso played drums, Mauricio Taborda the bass, and Eduardo Marques who at this time only played the guitar. They went as far as recording two songs in a collection that ended up not being released. In that period of time, they decided to finish their activities in Brujha to make a Heavy Metal with more power and energy.

The first change was to find a new drummer; they asked Marcelo Caporasso, Marco's brother, to join the band. He brought the power and precision that they were looking for, besides his wide experience in other bands and a large knowledge on what they wanted to do... the real Power Metal. So, Marco began to play the guitar and after looking for several vocalists and hadn't found anyone that would apply to the music, Eduardo took the vocals and more recently Taborda and Marco are also singing.

Today, the band has in its set list more than fifteen songs. Two of these songs, Sir Lockdunam and Mystical Forest, played with acoustic guitars and medieval instruments. Dragon Heart also plays in its concerts covers of bands such as Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, Gamma Ray and Accept.

In the beginning of 2000 Dragon Heart released his first official album, through Megahard Label, called UNDERDARK . This Album has got 5 songs re-recorded from demo CD, The Gods of Ice: Tied in Time, Gods of Ice, Mists of Avalon, Night Corsaries, Dynasty and Destiny and 5 more new songs: New Millennium, Sir Lockdünam, Arcadia Gates, Underdark , Bettlefield Requiem.
The UNDERDARK album has been having many good critics around the world. On November of 2000, UNDERDARK was released in Greece, Germany, Russian and Italy in Digipack format with new cover art.

Until December of 2000, Dragon Heart has played beside three international bands in their hometown: Nightwish (Finland), Vision Divine and Labyrinth (both Italians).

The concerts have been amazing in all the parts of Brazil specially because the audience sang and rock all the time. The Fan Club Corsaries of Ice is giving the band support and work hard to divulge the Dragon Heart's name. The band is planning to go to Europe as soon as possible for some concerts.

In December of 2000 Dragon Heart took part of Backstage Show, the major Brazilian radio program, presented by Vitão Bonesso.

The new CD is called "Throne of the Alliance" and tells the story of the Knight Dragon Heart and his Army trying to expel the evil enemy of his lands. This album was mixed in Finnvox Studio and the cover art was drawn by Andreas Marschall.

Always trying to show their work, Dragon Heart continues working with professionalism and seriousness trying to take their music to the most fans of true Heavy Metal as possible.