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The band begun when three former members of Dark Moor left it. Elisa C.Martin (vocals), Albert Maroto (guitar) and Jorge Sáez (drums) decided to create Dreamaker, a new band where they could represent all their own ideas. The band started its searching to complete the line-up and, the young argentine guitar, Matias Sosa was its first new member.
Dreamaker received some offers from bass players and finally Carlos Peña was chosen for the band. Roberto P. Camús (who left Dark Moor in June 2002) showed his interest to join the band and he completed the line-up, but, a bit later, he decided to leave the band. The name of the new keyboard of Dreamaker is Nino Ruiz.

The band decides to sign with Arise Records. Their first album was recorded at Sonic Pum Studios (Finland) in September 2003 and will be release on march 4. " Human Device " is the name of its first album. The history of Dreamaker begins…