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ELVENPATH was founded in the winter of 01/02. In the area of Frankfurt/Germany there were hardly any bands dedicated to 80s style Power Metal - something which clearly had to be changed. With plenty of shows and several releases ELVENPATH gained themselves a reputation as an outstanding newcomer, an excellent live act and one of the hopes of the young German Metal scene. Numerous good reviews tell what gem was developing in the underground. In their five years so far ELVENPATH released two CD's themselves, they contributed to several compilations and played more than 40 concerts, among others sharing the stage with bands like Majesty, Wizard, Accu§er and Sacred Sin. The peak of their career so far certainly was a European tour as support for Skyclad in April 2006. This tour marked ELVENPATH's first shows abroad and gained them a good deal of new fans.
In 2007 ELVENPATH are back with a completely recorded new album which was produced at Kohlekeller Studio (Crematory, Agathodaimon, Viron, Killer) and is surely their finest work to date and is only waiting to be released - labels, get a grip!