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Power Metal - Switzerland

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Emerald biography

Emerald is founded by ex members of Dark Crystal and Oppress

Emerald play their first gig at Bad Bonn pub in Dudingen/CH, followed by a few concerts as supporting act of Swiss hardrocker M-Force

The debut CD - Rebels of our time is being recorded and released. It contains 7 self-composed songs and a cover tune. Followed up are a few compilation CDs such as TELL HITS Vo 1 (CH), NO EXIT Vol. IV (A), WARZONE XXI (GR), METAL DISTRICT PROMO SAMPLER (GER), as well as POUNDING METAL Vol. II (GER)

The 2nd self-financed CD is being recorded and released at the end of June. The new album entitled Calling the knights contains 10 songs, including the cover tune of Medieval Steel's classic Medieval Steel Reactions are very positive (for ex. Demo of the month in German issue of ROCK HARD). Again, Emerald is found on several compilations such as POUNDING METAL Vol. IV (GER), METALCOVEN Compilation (GER), POWER BATTLE Vol. 2 Compilation (GER), and on the HOLY SWORD CD-ROM (GR) In December, Emerald sign a contract with the German record company SHARK RECORDS/CRAZY LIVE MUSIC, who ' in the past ' featured such releases of legendary bands such as TITAN FORCE, VIRGIN STEELE, SEPULTURA, STRATOVARIUS or HOLY MOTHER.

The 2nd CD Calling the Knights is being re-released via SHARK RECORDS, containing 2 bonus tracks from the Rebels of our Time album. All is new, including new cover artwork from Ken Kelly (for ex. MANOWAR, KISS). The songs are even re-mixed and re-mastered at Mohrmann Studios in Bochum/Germany. Soon after that, the Calling the Knights" album is officially released in Brazil via ROCK BRIGADE RECORDS.

Emerald appear at Headbangers Open Air H:O:A in Hamburg (GER). Next to famous bands like Trespass, Blitzkrieg, Nightshade and many other, Emerald play their first concert outside of Switzerland. Recordings at Mohrmann Studio Bochum in September (GER), where the band records their third album, together with producers Detlef Mohrmann and Oliver Zulch

The new album called Forces of doom is being released through SHARK RECORDS/ CRAZY LIVE MUSIC. The 3rd Emerald album contains 11 songs, in which another cover tune is found: On the wings of the night from VIRGIN STEELE. The official Emerald fanclub is being found. Its name is EMERALD KNIGHTS.

Emerald release the vinyl-version of Forces of Doom. After 3 months, the LP is sold out! In 2005, Emerald play more concerts than ever (for ex. Swordbrothers Festival (GER), Schmittner Open Air (CH) as supporting act of rock giants NAZARETH, and in November they support ANVIL, RUFFIANS and PHANTOM X, also in Switzerland. The songwriting for the next 4th Emerald album is almost finished.