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Evernight biography

Evernight is formed in 2005 by Erik and Moi was not until late 2007 when the first stabilizing group training with Sergio, Roman, Guillermo and Dani.

Early training and presentation of the EP "Evernight"

After several formations and the first concert in June of 2008, Dani, lead singer, left the group and will be definitely in the same month when it enters the group as vocalist Diego Royo. The group works in the summer to introduce new topics, changing something like that adapting to the new voice. After that, begin to emerge performances at various festivals to introduce the new vocalist: ZueraRock, Luceni, Mall ... and actions within and outside Zaragoza.

In late October 2008 entering Origamix studies to record their first EP, self-titled disc presentation "Evernight" with four songs written so far, plus a video showing some of the concerts and trips, and arrange to present both inside and outside Zaragoza. Stresses the Dunedain in concert with the Beethoven Hall and R. Ozone in the room where ArenaRock sold out early and later at the box office.

It will also be the subject Pathways to Freedom with which they are elected for two local contests, "Interpeñas Pop / Rock 09" and "popyrock 09" being respectively second and third place among 150 groups.

In the summer of 2009 received a call from the label Avispa interested in the group for recording their first LP with them in Madrid m20 studies. In late September, coinciding with the concert in Vigo, the group has sold nearly all of the 500 copies that were made in the EP "Evernight".

First LP: "Challenge to Eternity"

Recorded in the month of December 2009 and mastered in January next year, in February 2010 comes out the first album with 14 tracks, entitled "Challenge to Eternity".