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Summer 1996
Start of the band in a power trio format (guitar-bass-drums). Several singers succeed one another until the spring of 1997.
Summer 1998
The band are augmented by Stephane (vocals) and Arnaud (guitar), whose addition give FALKIRK its shape and actual style.

March 1999
First demo tape, including two original tracks : "No Place To Run" and "From Stirling To Falkirk". The specialized press reacts enthusiastically.

November 1999
Second demo featuring five new songs : "Mighty Jewel", "Stormmaker", "The Crusade", "Feel Ashamed", "The Day Will Come ".

Fall 1999 - Start 2000
The band approach record labels, rehearse new material, gig and record its debut album.

September 2000
"The Day Will Come " is released to much acclaim from audiences and media alike.

Start 2001
FALKIRK start work on their second album and continue to gig, sharing the bill with DYSLEXIA, LYZANXIA and MOONSTONE, amongst others. Pascal (bass) leaves. The band carry on as a quartet and tour the French provinces.

Fall 2002
Their second offering, " Magnus Imperium ", containing 55 minutes of Heavy Speed Metal, is canned.

January 2003
The album will be released on Brennus/Night & Day