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The seed of what would eventually turned to be Fantasy Opus, was planted in late 1999,when 2 friends – Marcos Carvalho and Daniel Santos, who used to jam occasionally, decidedto create a band with Daniel as Rhythm guitar/vocals, and Marcos as Lead Guitar.

A few songs were worked by the 2 guitar players before, some few months later, a drummer answered an ad for a Metal Band. That Drummer turned out to be Paulo Santos.

Some songs were worked by this trio for a few months with the intention of recording a demo.Meanwhile, during this time, the chosen band name was Black Thunder. Literally in the eve ofthe recording, Daniel Santos decides to quit the band. The Demo was canceled until Marcos andPaulo could find musicians to complete the band lineup. After a few months, they responded anad and met singer Luís Guerreiro. The creative juices where flowing again and the songs was worked upon for a few months, again with the intention of recording a demo, and a little while before the recording, the band name was changed to Fantasy Opus, which reflected the more neoclassic heavy metal characteristic of the sound of the band. In the spring of 2001, the demo was recorded at Ricardo Fernandes’, home studio, with Luís Guerreiro in charge of all vocals, Paulo Santos in charge of the Drums, Marcos Carvalho in charge of the guitars and Fernando Augusto in charge of the Bass, as guest appearance. The sound was mainly Neoclassic Metal with some thrash influences and received good reviews, being played in several Portuguese Radios and reviewed by a number of magazines in a very positive way. A few months after the recording, in the beginning of 2002, Luís Guerreiro decided to leave the band. More or less at the same time, knowing that the band had no resident bass player, Nilson Santágueda, being the brother of a dear friend of the band, contacted the band, and after a few weeks of experience, joined the band. At the same time, the band answered one more ad, this time posted by a keyboard player and after a few weeks of experience, Iuri Conceição joined the band. In the spring of 2002, the line-up was almost complete. The only element missing was the singer. The band then made the decision of not waiting for a singer and started to create new material without the lead singer, but the process of looking for a singer, as well as other reasons consumed the band and raised a lot of tensions and uncertainty. In the winter of 2004, the decision of recording an album was made with the expectation of getting a guest singer for the album, and so, the recording started in the spring of 2004 at the Rec N Roll studios, in Valadares, produced by Luís Barros. Drums, Bass, all guitars and a small portion of the keyboards were recorded, after which the band returned to Lisbon, and continued the process of trying to arrange for a singer to step up to the expectations.

A few weeks after, Iuri Conceição decides to leave the band without completing the recording of the keyboards, and refused to do the rest of the recordings. So the band had an incomplete album in the drawer and, despite engaging in numerous contacts with musicians, none was successful, which almost killed the band, because as time slipped by, the options got fewer and fewer, and the band moral sunk. A two and a half year period separated that recording and the recording of the vocal tracks. During this time interval, the band and the personal lives of the resilient trio suffered numerous convulsions, moving the course of the band sometimes forward, but mostly backward. As in all things, what does not kill you, makes you stronger, so in the Winter/Spring of 2007, the band came into contact with Pedro Arroja, a very talented singer which took over the task of becoming the resident singer of Fantasy Opus, and started to record vocal tracks at Etic Studios, in Lisbon, with the technical assistance of Tiago Marqus.That process took quite a while, since Pedro and the rest of the band were very fastidious while creating the vocal melodies. The recording ended at mid 2008 and was sent back to Luis Barros to Produce and Master. At the same time, the band met Shiver, a talented guitar player which stars in top underground bands such as Sannedrin and Theriomorphic, and the chemistry was immediate, so rehearsals started with a full lineup. The album Beyond Eternity , already defined by some as a groundbreaking album for Portuguese Metal, was officially launched at Excalibar in the 5th of February of 2009.