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Melodic Power - Denmark

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Fatal Force is one of the last signatures of the label MTM Music, but this time this release is a bit surprising because it doesn't perfectly fit with their classic AOR and Hard Rock roster. Is it a sign of some future different signatures, I don't know but at least "Fatal Force" is a good surprise coming from this label.

Between Evergrey, Masterplan and even Whitesnake, Fatal Force plays a really nice Heavy Metal a bit progressive that will please all the fans of good melodic music. But first, let me tell you that the singer on this album is the famous Mats Levèn (a potential replacement of Jorn Lande in Masterplan?). As always this guy is extremely convincing and his great voice fits perfectly with all the melodies of the album. I don't have to talk about him anymore but if you don't know him yet and like the voice of a guy like Jorn Lande, I'm sure that you'll "fall in love" with the voice of Mat.

When it comes to the music, "Fatal Force" (the album) is a bit dark and not so fast. Honestly a lot of time it reminds me the music of Evergrey (especially a song like "Eye To Eye") or Masterplan ("No Question"). Don't believe that Fatal Force plays exactly the same music, actually there is a lot of diversity on this release and some songs clearly sound like some pure basic 90's Melodic Heavy ("Insanity"). But it sounds good and when I listen to this album, I have some good feelings so it probably touches my musical taste and it's a good thing for them hehe

The production is perfect, the songs are catchy and their melodies really good. It's not so surprising though, but it's ok and you should try it, at least just to see the performance of Mats Levèn. "Fatal Force" is a good solid album of Melodic Heavy Metal with progressive elements.