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Final Stage is a classic/power metal band from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The band began in 2004 under the name Ignite, playing cover songs from bands including: Accept, Skid Row, Metallica, and Judas Priest. Under this line-up the band performed across the county for over a year. After performing as a 4-piece for a year, the band split, with the drummer and lead guitarist leaving to pursue other interests. Founding members Brandon Wright (Guitar/Vocals) and Josh Kurkjian (Bass) stumbled upon drummer TJ Dowhaniuk in October 2005. As a 3-piece Final Stage wrote several songs together and performed with such heavyweight bands as The Black Maria, Paul Dianno  (formally of Iron Maiden), Toxic Holocaust and Ravage.

     In May 2006 the group invaded Spectre Sound Studios to record a 4-song EP entitled Flight of the Phoenix. Released in August 2006, the band received worldwide praise from dozens of publications and airplay from nearly every continent (notably 11/12 in Heavy! Magazine, among many others). In early 2007 TJ left the group, being replaced by Justin Humphrey, who marked his first show with the group by opening for Iron Maiden legend Paul Dianno.

     May 2007 marked Final Stage's return to the studio once again to record a full length follow up to Flight of the Phoenix. The new CD Through the Mirror was released on November 30th 2007 and is available at several retailers worldwide.

     In 2009 Justin left the band and was replaced by TJ Dowhaniuk. In June, Final Stage would play with the thrash groups Toxic Holocaust and Ravage. In 2010 the group added bassist Neil Tupling, allowing Josh to become the group's second guitarist. In July 2010, Final Stage entered the Spectre Sound once again to record their third album " Game Over ", which was released on August 21st 2010. Boasting a top-notch production and a multiplying fan base, Final Stage is ready to explode.