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Power Metal - Norway

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FRACTURE plays Metal with melodic composed vocals and lead melodies, on a bed of rough and hard edged accompaniment.

The band consists of five hard working and dedicated musicians, who’s only goal beside their passion for music, is to give their fans a 110% both live and on record. This is something that the audience, the media and the critics have really noticed about the band and the feedbacks have been awesome!

Fracture has during the last years played many concerts and gigged some well known festivals here in Norway. Back in 2007 they even played at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, who is the biggest Heavy Metal Open Air in the world. The reviews in the international press after the concert were excellent!! This concert was also filmed by a professional film team and will be released on a bonus DVD together with the Fracture debut album “ Dominate And Overload ”. The sound and filming quality on this recording is just perfect.

In these days Fracture have just finished recording their first full length album entitled “ Dominate And Overload ”. During the last year the band has worked really hard in the studio, and finally the recording has the right sound, spirit and attitude, which the rawness and the melodic atmosphere in the music require.