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1999 The Beginning
GRENDEL was put together in Helsinki, Finland 1999 when J. Blom and J. Kraft joined the band. Before that we hadn't had any clear musical style. After few sessions the band chemistry started to work and some kind of style began to form. Band was then known by name Crimson Sky. In autumn 1999 we made our first demo, "CrosSection", at Sonic Pump Studios. This demo was a compromise between various styles and wasn't quite satisfactory, but it received suprisingly good feedback.

2000 Change of Name, Change of Style
However, our decision was to improve our music and find a style which would be more of our own. With intensive composing and training sessions during winter 1999 and spring 2000 we finally had three songs which our band regarded to be worth of recording. So, at summer 2000, we headed once again to Sonic Pump Studios to make an EP. Band's name was changed to indicate our changed style.

In November 2000 we made a new demo which contained three new songs. The demo was made in a hurry and not enough time was used on producing the songs. The result was a demo with good songs but which lacked that special "punch". Nevertheless, we learned much and now concentrate more on producing when we're training and making the songs.

2001 New Vocalist
In January 2001, when our former vocalist informed that he is unable to continue in our band, we were forced to find a new vocalist. After a year of debate we finally found a new vocalist, Mr. Mikko Virtanen. Virtanen's joining to our band again slightly changed our style, this time to more hevier direction.

2002 Fight Against Time - EP
An intensive training and composing with the new singer started in spring 2002, which did it results in the form of 3 gigs and making of "Fight Against Time-EP" later that year. We received many great reviews from several webzines and magazines. Few months later we already had a bunch of great new songs so we decided to record two of them in summer 2003. We sent that Promo2003 to many directions and the feedback got better and better. We knew we were on the right track.

2004 Show Must Go On
In spring 2004 we recorded two new songs: "The Times Of Agony" and "Something To Remind". At that time these two songs represented GRENDEL´s two opposite sides: "The Times Of Agony" was the most fastest/hardest song when "Something To Remind" was kind like of ballad but very heavy. In year 2004 we started to do more shows as well.

2005 Making the Album
In between 2004/2005 we decided that GRENDEL will make a full-lenght album. Lot of practising and composing followed and finally in june 2005 we started recording at Sonic Pump Studios with Nino Laurenne. Another positive thing at that time was that from the beginning of 2005 to the middle of 2005 we had made more live shows than in past six years together.