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Grief Of War was formed in 2002 in Japan, for the purpose of being the true heir of real thrash metal, grief of WAR was formed in Tokyo, Japan.
No sooner had they formed grief of WAR. than they started to do many rehearsals.
After developing and refining their sound through their succession of pre-productions, they released their first demo inception in 2003.
They received a good reaction with their demo from many CD shops and fanzines in Japan. And they started to have live tour since June in 2004 energetically.
They already have big fan base here in Tokyo through uncountable tours.
And they played together with Danish future metal band MNEMIC in March, 2005.

And they finally launched their debut album
a mounting crisis... as their fury got released in May, 2005.
Their music can be described as Samurai Crunch, achieving the way to be the heir of real thrash metal.

In spite of serial secessions of original members,
they kept having tours with some helps from supporting members.
Then they stopped all the tours and started the production for second album.
After one year of studio works, they shared the stage with Aussie metal act,
Pain Division in Tokyo in November 2007.

In November 2007, they made a contract with Prosthetic Records from the US.
And they made worldwide release for their first album on February 19th, 2008.
In May 2008, they welcomed the new official drummer after three years.
They are invited as a special guest from Japan to Tomahawk Metal Fest in May, 2009.
Had a successful show sharing with Into Eternity.

And on July 7th, 2009, they will release their second album " Worship " in the US proir to worldwide release.
They welcomed Shane Gibson (supporting guitarist for Korn) as a guest in "Into The Void" and the mastering was done by Ted Jensen from The Sterling Sound, NY.
The release date for " Worship " in Japan isn't confirmed yet.

Now we start walking as Samurai of the world from mere Japanese Samurai...As The Samurai Inheritors!