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Power Metal band GUARDIANS OF TIME feature erstwhile TRAIL OF TEARS drummer Vidar Uleberg and ex-SCARIOT vocalist Bernt Fjellstad in the ranks. The group was established during 1997 under the name A.T.A.W. comprising of Fjellestad on vocals, guitarists Rune Schellingerhout and Paul Olsen on guitar, bassist Tommy Viik and Thomas Færøvig on drums. In 1998 the rhythm section witnessed a complete change around with Uleberg taking the drum position and Dag-Ove Johnsen of DEMENTED and OLD WORDS NEW becoming the band's new bass player. With this revised roster the group evolved into GUARDIANS OF TIME.

In January of 2000 GUARDIANS OF TIME commited themselves to an inaugural three song demo entitled 'Soul Reaper'. Shortly afterward, Olsen took leave in order to study at the Hollywood Musicians Institute. Upon gaining a deal with the German label Shark Records the band, waiting for Olsen's re-recruitment, recorded the debut album ' Edge Of Tomorrow '. The album cover was noted for having been executed by Derek Riggs, famed for his prominent work with IRON MAIDEN.

Promoting the record GUARDIANS OF TIME put in festival performances at the Norwegian 'Total Festivalen' and the 'Quart' festival. In September of 2002 Fjellstad founded Thrash act SCORNBATH.