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Melodic Power - USA

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Johnny Gioeli - Vocals
Joey Gioeli - Guitar
Josh Ramos - Guitar
Bobby Rock - Drums
Michael T. Ross - Keyboards
Christopher Maloney - Bass

Hardline was formed when Johnny and Joey Gioeli, originally from the band Brunette, teamed up with Journey guitarist Neal Schon. Originally Neal was going to produce Hardline, but he was having so much fun that he decided to join the band! They added established musicians Todd Jensen and Deen Castronovo to the mix and the result was magnificent. They went on to record Double Eclipse in 1992, and then went on the tour circuit with such heavy hitters as Van Halen and Mr. Big.

The first release from Double Eclipse was the song "Hot Cherie". While never popular in the mainstream, various radio stations worldwide played the single, and Hardline's fanbase started to grow. They released a video to MTV, but did not get airplay. By that time grunge and alternative had already taken over and melodic rock was being pushed aside.

Tension among band members, the record company, and perhaps certain egos got in the way of an immediate follow-up album, despite the band having written more than enough material. But years later Johnny was ready to give it another go with an all new line-up, and all new material. Of course the result was Hardline II .