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Power Metal - Germany

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Since several years, HeavenFall enhanced the local metalscene. With dozens of gigs and a won band-contest the band established a reputation and is forcefully progressing their way with a renewed lineup.

The five musicians from Germany bring Progressive Melodic-Metal to you, which won't accept any widely known musical barriers:

Intelligent songwriting sums up with catchy sounds. Heavy Metal meets melodies, which will stay in your ears. Dynamic beats alternate with fulminant double-bass-attacks.

Heavenfall use different musical influences for writing their songs, like classic, jazz, rock and even death-metal elements. All styles are combined to Metal and melt together to a surprisingly harmonic result.

The singer's melodic, charismatic voice completes the songs and contributes to the high recall value.

With the new concept LP ' 7 Sins ' Heavenfall do their next step and will give their first LP to the world of metal in late summer. As the title discovers, the LP's subject will be the seven deadly sins.