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2004 - spring
In the beginning was DragonFly. A name that by todays standards
not only is extremely cheezy, it also draws parallels to 80'ies metal.
Seeing as our material had some strong powermetal elements back then,
the name was not that misleading. Just awful.

2004 - summer
DragonFly records a demo in the renowned Studio Fredman during one
of the hottest summers to plague Sweden.
Three days of coffee and hamburgers later Age of Innocence was finished.
With a total of four tracks (Dawn of War, Forgotten Forest, Thy Devotion and
Created in the Heart of a Star), Age of Innocence
was our entry ticket to the rollercoaster-ride that is the music-business.

A few weeks later we ditched the name DragonFly in favor of Her Whisper,
something that was profoundly expressed by singer Magnus af Nestergaard under
our first gig (Göteborgskalaset) where he claimed DragonFly sounded gay.
Now, thats´s entertainment!

After sending out a couple of discs all over the world we got some signs of interest
from several companies. One of the most eager ones were Adrenaline Records.
Since we were green and careful, a lawyer was hired to make sure their proposal
was clean from sneaky fineprints and things that could hurt us.

2004 - autumn
Adrenaline Records wanted a cd with at least nine tracks, so we began recording
new material immediatly. The master done by the brilliant Göran Finnberg
was then shipped to Italy for pressing. Adrenaline provided the artwork
for the cd (aptly named , a name that described our hardships).

2005 - spring
Nothing happened. Weeks after weeks of silence from Adrenaline made us worried.
Then came the bomb. It seemed that due to severe economical circumstanses
Adrenaline couldn't release the cd. Nevertheless, we parted as friends.
The master was sent back to us and we kind of lost the edge for a while.

2005 - summer
Once again we decided to send out promos.
This time we got even more answers.
And once again we were drawn to an italian label.
Underground Symphony knew about our failed business with Adrenaline
and promised to give us a contract.
That turned out to be a big pile of bullshit.
We experienced the same problems we had with Adrenaline
(i.e no communication whatsoever) and decided to withdraw before things got ugly.

2005 - winter
STF-Records came to our rescue and demanded a meeting.
Four members went down to Bochum and met the people responsible.
A contract was signed. STF wanted a cd with at least 50 minutes of playtime
so we had to create even more material since Pandemonium .
We also decided to put the most powersounding tracks to rest.

In the midst of the recording sessions, we also lost a member.
Rythm-guitarist Christian Lind got kicked because lack of interest.
This delayed work on the album but STF were understanding
and changed the deadline.

2006 - spring
Newcomer Christian Widén filled the gap perfectly.
Sadly enough he wasn't participating on the coming album but nevertheless
quickly learned how to play all the songs.
A worthy addition indeed!

2006 - summer
Finally, our debutalbum Children of the Black Soil hits the market.
Reviews are positive, claiming Her Whisper to have an unique
sound in a somewhat tired genre.

2006 - winter
Work begins on new material.

2007 - summer
STF offers Her Whisper to release yet another album.
First preparations are done before entering the studio.

2007 - winter
All recording sessions are done. Fredrik Groth (The Storyteller, Kryptillusion) is hired
to do the final mixing before the mastering in Germany.

2008 - spring
New album release on the 3:rd of February