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Heroes were once the offsprings of deities and mortals, but now that the gods have left us behind, it is up to each of us to determine what is to be look upon as the highest fate of mankind. Existence is a journey shared by all, yet it is filled with battles that can only be fought alone. Everyone can dream of joy-deprived figures and suffering souls, only few can dream of overcoming the challenges of life and even fewer can lead these hopes trough the mind’s thick barrier, into reality. Heroik’s story is not about providing a transcendental solution nor shedding the veils of unspoken truths. It is merely a sound, a voice, a call to arms that found its expression in the steady pounding of the drums and the rolling echoes of the warm amp's tubes. Even if the path to its present band’s line up wasn’t a line laid straight, the member’s ideology remained the same: to channel their creativity into an epic music. Yvo Martin’s gears of creation we’re set in motion by Steph Hurman’s drums and Frank Deramond’s bass guitar, to this trio was added three more warriors, eager for their share of pain and glory. Jordan Delage now lends his voice to tell the tales of faceless heroes with Robin’s rhythm guitar and Chuck’s restless solos, together they proved themselves worthy of their place aboard Heroik’s drifting journey. The time for poetry and suspense is coming to an end, the technicalities are being dealt with as the music is being encrypted and sealed on an album that will soon test the limits of your eardrums. As these words are being written, the banner is being raised and the protagonists of this story are strapping on their weapons, ready to unleash an energy that could not be held back anymore. May the crowd stand steady and numerous to witness the explosive crossing of a celestial entity into our plan of existence: the fate of Heroik.