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Year 2004 : David Stanis creates a band which will be called Holy Pain. But several months pass before members complete the line up: Jimmy Trouiller (Rhythmic Guitarist) and Jean-Christophe Camarda (Drummer) join the band. Holy Pain's growing into a real metal band until Eduardo Meneses (Bassist, actual In Arkadia's Bass Player) completes definitively Holy Pain's line up by joining the band. But Eduardo won't stay in the band for a long time and has to separate from Holy Pain a few weeks later for medical reasons.

Song's already pre-written by David will constitute Holy Pain's first record, Last Sigh .This first recording session will take place at Laurent Nafissi's NSR Studio (where Inner Visions, Kragens, or Rhapsody…of Fire recorded). Nicolas Boulesetix joins the band as bassist one month before the session and completes definitely Holy Pain's line up for Last Sigh recording session 2005.

Following this session, a blur period will accompany the band between members of the band which will lead to Jimmy Trouiller's departure in may 2006. Thomas Nestolat will replace him one week later as lead guitarist.The band has now to relaunch as it should has been with Last Sigh and schedules a new recording session for september 2006 at NSR Studio, again. A New album more than convincing, a music more power and direct than the classic heavy of Last Sigh : Among Religions .

This second record done, the band starts a shows, but Holy Pain willhave to stop it a few months later: Thomas leave the band following personal problem with the rest of the band. Holy Pain is searching for a new guitarist…again.

A few guitarists will succeed Thomas until Hugo Guy joins the band in october 2007. He 'll re-records solos and Holy Pain will sign its first contract with a Label: Thundering Records. This contract will allow the band to have its first album out: Among Religions , in september 2008.