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HolyHell: the name itself is indicative of the band's music. Combining angelic operatic female vocals with demonic thunderous metal riffs, HolyHell is something new and unexpected in the world of heavy music. Unlike the myriad of female-fronted hard music acts that have appeared on the scene, HolyHell presents a new metal sound without any pretenses, bolstered by the talents of debuting vocalist Maria BreonHolyHell, a classically trained singer possessing a unique and powerful voice.

HolyHell is a multifaceted creation of six diverse and talented musicians. Breon leads the combined strengths of acclaimed metal guitarist Joe Stump, bassist Jay Rigney, ex-MANOWAR drummer RhinoHolyHell, keyboardist Francisco Palomo and guitarist Tom Hess. The unified effort of all of these fantastic artists is truly something that must be heard to be appreciated. Mixing elements of classic metal and hard rock with orchestral arrangements and haunting gothic melodies, making HolyHell a tour de force of powerful, heavy music. Their exciting upcoming single, produced by Joey DeMaio of MANOWAR, will feature the epic rock anthem "Last Vision", the stomping grooves meet crystalline vocalizations on "Apocalypse", the classic metal piece with an angelic twist on "Resurrection" and a live rendition of the modern opera classic "Phantom Of The Opera" featuring a very special guest appearance from MANOWAR vocalist Eric Adams.

HolyHell has performed in front of thousands of fans, completing a North American tour and appearing at the German Earthshaker Fest 2005 and the Czech Masters of Rock Festivals. As a feature attraction on the Demons, Dragons and Warriors 2007 tour with MANOWAR and Rhapsody Of Fire, HolyHell is a force to be reckoned with. Come and hear it for yourself!