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The real beginning of Horrifier started in early 2004 by Potash, Hoyer, and Rizzo under the name GRIM FATE... but Potash and Hoyer began jamming together in 2002, although Potash had the concept in his mind since 2000. Due to lack of progression the band decided to split up. Potash went on to join another local metal act while Hoyer and Rizzo formed a new outfit.

The trio reunited back again in October of 2006 inviting Zajac into the fold. With previous and newly compiled material, HORRIFIER went on to record/ produce their first demo themselves that following December. After going through a few vocalists, Potash decided to take over the reigns permanently. The band played various shows around the NJ/ PA/ NY area. This includes opening for LIZZY BORDEN at the world famous L'amour rock club in November of 2007. They then found themselves looking for a new drummer. In the meantime, Joe P. joined yet another New Jersey metal band.

After the brief hiatus, HORRIFIER was awakened yet again with original drummer Drew Rizzo. The quartet has since been featured in multiple magazines with the likes of John Greely (ex-ICED EARTH vocalist), THE RODS, SORCERY from Los Angeles, and WEHRMACHT as well as being shown on a New York City TV show called 'Motorbreath Real Metal TV'. They are also still actively playing shows... such as having opened up for ROSS THE BOSS (original MANOWAR guitarist) and KRANK on 'The Iron & Steel Festival' in October of 2009.

The band just released their debut full length record entitled " Grim Fate " on May 31st, 2010 through the notorious label based in Germany called 'Witches Brew'. The album features a guest spot from Greg Seymour (first ICED EARTH drummer), and the work of talented German artist, Markus Vesper, who has also created the cover art for MANILLA ROAD's "Voyager". The record release show was held at the infamous 'Duff's' heavy metal bar in Brooklyn, NY a few months later. Horrifier was also asked to open up for ROSS THE BOSS again that September at 'ThunderFest 2010' in Manhattan, NY.

In addition to that, Joe P. has recently created his own doom metal project called PRIMEVAL REALM, whilst still maintaining duties of being HORRIFIER's main songwriter and front man. HORRIFIER has always been about the more traditional aspects of metal and strives to create music with clean vocals, harmony, and melodic solos in standard tuning!