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On more than once occasion I’ve seen Italy’s Hyperion compared in some way to Iced Earth. I don’t know, but the people making these comparisons must dwell in some sort of alternate reality in which Iced Earth is a crappy flower metal band with overabundant keyboards, a mediocre singer, and a generally weak sound. For regardless of whether you like Iced Earth, I think most of us can agree that whatever having an “Iced Earth sound” means, this just ain’t it.

Hearing any of these songs for even a few seconds will instantly tip you off to the fact that Hyperion hails from Italy. Like so many other bands in this mold, you cannot really say that this stuff is bad, but it certainly is nothing special. The vocalist usually sings in a mid-range level that is actually sort of pleasant. Thankfully he seems to understand that not being able to do the dog-whistle wails is okay, just as long as you stick to your comfortable range, which he usually does. Little can be done, however, about his accent, which is typically bad. Not atrocious, but bad enough. In other words, he’s your average B-level (or is that C-level?) Italian power metal singer. If you’ve heard one or two before, you know exactly what the vocals on this disc sound like.

As for the music, bland is probably the most fitting description. Let it be said up front: if you hate keyboards then stay away from this album. Hyperion make use of plenty of bad keyboards, some sections sounding like they were stolen from the cutting room floor of the Capcom MegaMan studios in 1989. Seriously, the keys add nothing here. No atmosphere whatsoever – just sort of a weak substitute for guitar solos (of which we still get some). Not helping matters is the fact that everything sounds rather muted, especially the thin rhythm guitars. Whatever crunch this thing might have had is killed by the quiet production.

No one seems to know if Hyperion even exists anymore, and judging by this album, I can see why this might be the case. In confirming the notion that any power metal that isn’t very good is by default pretty bad (if you get my drift), Hyperion have further polluted the power metal world. I honestly can’t see how anyone could rate this thing anywhere above average at best. I’ve listened to it the entire way through at least three or four times, and I have yet to be able to remember an individual song. Hell, I can barely remember any section of any song, which for a 58-minute album is quite a sad accomplishment.

I was fooled into buying this by the various decent to good reviews I found of it online. Let my mistake be a lesson to you: unless you have absolutely zero standards when it comes to power metal (and I really mean zero), Hyperion are in fact a mediocre band that released an overwhelmingly bland album. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.